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Pact Equity Tv Agreement

Interviews with Equity: As noted in our previous note, Pact is exploring the establishment of a process where producers can engage actors on a first-call basis during this period, except by paying the first call payments in accordance with Annex T45 of the Pact/Equity Agreement. Pact plans to publish an amendment to the agreement this week that will allow some producers to do so. Discussions are underway with both the PMA and Equity on the process by which actors can be reintegrated after the lifting of the lockdown. 14 clauses (T14) or provisions relating to the second call, as provided for in clause T18, may apply to this order. The artist is guaranteed a minimum commitment fee of at least one daily production payment for each subsequent working day that is worked beyond the first for a maximum period of fourteen consecutive days. Unless otherwise modified, all other conditions of the artist`s engagement are in accordance with the agreement. The commitment fee acquires non-theatric rights worldwide (see clause (T23)14) and the first uk Network Transmission. The terms of clause (T23)17 shall be applied to artists who have been booked for a commitment in accordance with this sub-clause and payment for the nominated additional use shall not apply. Clause (T9) MULTIEPSODIUM PAYMENTS 1.

Multiepsodium payment production categories Category A – Category B – Sit comedy, easy entertainment productions, broken comedies, documentary and school productions/fully dramatized adult education Documentary and school productions/adult education that contain a significant dramatic element. Both of you. UK Network Production For Category A productions, the artist will be guaranteed his commitment fee per episode, segment or rate in which his performances are integrated. For Category B productions, the artist`s payment for each episode, segment or rate is the sum of the artist`s engagement fee divided by the number of episodes, segments or installments in which his performance is integrated, which may not be less than per episode, segment or rate. Where appropriate, an agreement may be concluded between Equity and the manufacturer for alternative arrangements to the above-mentioned multi-party conditions. . . .