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Legal Domestic Partnership Agreement

June 20, 2011: Judge Dan Moeser of Dane County ruled that the National Registry of Partnerships was not contrary to the state constitution and said the state “does not recognize domestic partnership in a way that is only remotely similar to the state`s recognition of marriage.” [31] Some legislators have voluntarily established national partnership relationships by law instead of being invited by a court to do so. Although some jurisdictions have established national unions to recognize same-sex marriage, there are laws that in many jurisdictions provide for the recognition of domestic partnerships between persons. On June 29, 2009, Governor Jim Doyle signed the budget and definitively approved the benefits of a sponsored domestic partnership for same-sex couples living in Wisconsin. [27] Originally created before same-sex marriage was legalized, home partnerships continue to be used to provide benefits to unmarried couples, both homosexual and heterosexual. According to the state, a national partnership can allow the parties to visit each other`s hospital, grant legal rights to manage medical information or funeral services, and transfer medical services from one partner to another. By using a domestic agreement, a couple can define their marriage in a way that suits them. Although many choose to marry, a national agreement is a good option for couples who wish to limit state control over their relationships while providing structure and formally registering their relationship agreements. In 2001, the Property (Relationsships) Act was extended in 1976 to offer non-registered partners rights similar to those of married couples. A de facto relationship is defined as a relationship between two people who live as an unmarried couple or in a registered life relationship. This applies to both heterosexual and same-sex couples. [40] Since 2013, same-sex marriage has been recognized and practiced by law in New Zealand and still covers unregistered “de facto” relationships similar to those of married persons.

Of the 50 states, California grants the most rights and protection to same-sex couples through its national partnership law. Recent changes to California law give same-sex couples the opportunity to enjoy much more of the same benefits that are often tied to marriage.

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Lease Agreement Covid 19

We see reasonable arguments on both sides. Nevertheless, we believe that we should not forget the broader context of the current situation and the time that will follow the COVID-19 outbreak, especially since leases are concluded for a longer period. It is in the interest of landlords and tenants to return to the normal operation of retail, office, production and logistics facilities. Liquidity losses and drastic measures can disrupt the return to balance. In this context, in accordance with Article 1467 of the Italian Civil Code, that party may request the termination of the contract if the commitment of one of the parties has become excessively one-on-one as a result of exceptional and unforeseeable events. However, the other party may prevent the termination of the contract by offering to amend the terms of the contract fairly. In accordance with the law, the regulation on the expiry of mutual obligations will enter into force from the date of prohibition of activity. We understand that this means that the parties will be exempted retroactively from their obligations under the leases, from the date of introduction of the prohibition. The law states that the expiration applies “during the period of prohibition of business.” For this reason, we believe that the scope of the provision should be linked to the scope of the prohibition and that the temporary expiry of obligations should apply only to leases that relate to premises covered by the prohibition. The forced closure of the premises and/or the economic emergency resulting from the COVID 19 emergency, which is an unforeseeable external situation, independent of the will and behaviour of the tenant, can therefore be considered as serious grounds for termination of the rental agreement.

However, with regard to leases, it seems doubtful to claim that the measures taken by the above-mentioned legislation in fact make it “impossible” for the tenant to pay the rents, even if they accept the temporary duration of such exceptional measures and obstacles. In fact, from a different perspective, if the tenant`s activity is suspended by law, it is indeed the obligation for the lessor to guarantee the tenant the uninterrupted use of the property, which becomes impossible, due to circumstances for which the lessor is innocent. The foregoing implies that there is no special regime for the execution of rental contracts, in particular as regards: the expiry of commitments ends when the period for the tenant to submit an offer to extend the term of the lease (moreover, this word is absent from the regulation) expires. . . .

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Kyrgyzstan Visa Agreement

Afghan citizens are entitled to a Kyrgyz electronic visa, which means that as Afghans, you do not have to go to the nearest Kyrgyz embassy to get your visa if you want to travel to Kyrgyzstan for business or private. Instead, you can go through the online application process, and iVisa can help. Remember that not all ports of entry into Kyrgyzstan accept electronic visas. They have to go through certain border checkpoints. The international airports of Manas and Osch accept the electronic visa as well as some entry points. Citizens of the following countries and territories are entitled to a visa on arrival[15] valid for a maximum stay of 60 days at Manas International Airport:[1] if they have a valid residence visa for Bahrain, Brunei, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar or the United Arab Emirates Yes. From the 1st.