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Service Level Agreement Za

According to Michalsons, to create a working ALS, you need to define: — the service to which ALS applies – a number of criteria or objectives, to determine the levels of service that can be used to measure whether your goals have been met, for which ALS is valid, the responsibilities of each person involved, as service levels are measured (if they cannot be measured, there is no need to have a level of service) – perform actions to be performed if service levels are not met (for example. B service level credits). Source: Michalsons SLA guide – Service levels are at the heart of the relationship, as they define the (agreed) criteria that allow you to demonstrate the objectivity that the quality of service you want has been achieved. There is no general agreement on “service levels.” What for? The content depends entirely on what the service itself is. This can be any service you want to measure (from supporting potted plants in your office to hosting your IT infrastructure). It is necessary to identify and quantify the main activities that will be needed. Perfect performance is not a realistic criterion. A good ALS accurately records the common understanding between the service provider and the customer. It should be written for the parties and not for a judge in the event of a dispute. The purpose of a service level agreement is not to be able to enforce your rights in court, but rather to try to ensure a positive friendly relationship in which the client obtains services at the level he or she needs.

In addition, the service provider knows what its responsibility is. It was supposed to be a living document. It should not be filed once it has been signed, never be mentioned again. It should be constantly mentioned and updated when services change. According to michalsons SLA Guide (, an ALS is an agreement that describes the services (not goods) that one company will make available to another.