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Quebec Rental Agreement Form

· for renting in low-rent housing within the meaning of section 1984 paragraph 1,9084 of the Civil Code of Quebec, In the absence of any other agreement, the rent is due on the first day of each month (or every week, if the lease is made on a weekly basis). The rent is valid late the day after the deadline. (Article 1956 Civil Code of Quebec) The landlord or tenant of a low-rent dwelling cannot apply to setting the rent or changing another condition of the lease, unless the specific provisions of this type of rent are applicable. Finance is an important step. This should be the amount of rent (usually monthly) if due, and in what format it should be paid (cheque, bank transfer, etc.). Information on rental delays should also be included. The Housing Authority`s website has model notices. The law does not require the lease to be written down. However, if the rental agreement is written, the applicable form of leasing of the Housing Authority must be used. Under the “conditions,” it is also worth mentioning the duration of the agreement and the date on which the lease begins and expires. The rent recovery information should also be available somewhere, as well as mention of the increase in rents: when, how much to expect and how much announcement should be made. If you think you want to sublet your apartment, the rental agreement must indicate that you can do so.

The rules for rental housing do not apply to these rents: 1) when a tenant moves to a low-rent unit; (Article 1974 Civil Code of Quebec) For this type of rental units, the landlord does not need to inform the tenant of the previous rent. This does not apply to a lease agreement with a fixed period that must be respected until it expires, except in cases provided for by law or with the agreement of the lessor. For more information, see our article A Tenant`s Right to Cancel a Lease. Next, make sure there is a housing number for your apartment and that it contains a general description of the unit and all relevant information, such as access to public spaces, a garden, a veranda or additional storage space.