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Optus Roaming Agreement

The survey showed that five million Australians were affected by international roaming charges – an average of $290 per person. About 250,000 people reported paying more than $1,000. Under the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code, providers are required to notify customers of roaming charges when the customer arrives in another country and turns on their phone. You`ll find useful roaming information with your existing mobile plan on our prepaid or postpaid page. If you have an existing mobile phone contract, it is always advisable to know that you will be travelling to purchase a roaming supplement from your service provider, rather than simply activating roaming, as the associated cost can be quite high. You can get this information on this page. “I`m just surprised that our competitors aren`t able to reach our $5-a-day roaming and continue what`s clearly an international roaming scam with a variety of relaunches and public relations and marketing flashes and flashes,” said Ben McIntosh, Vodafone Australia`s Chief Commercial Officer. However, regulated national roaming offers the opportunity to change that. This would mean that customers of other mobile operators such as Telstra would have access to mobile phone coverage in these areas. No matter what your provider is, you always have access to as wide coverage as possible, no matter what provider you`re with. Like $5 roaming, these cheap pay-as-you-go roaming rates apply to all Vodafone post-pad and prepaid plans, but we`ve selected the 30GB prepaid plan because it provides a considerable amount of data (10GB plus 20GB bonus) with unlimited standard calls and text in Australia. It is important that the prepaid type gives you the freedom to modify or cancel your plan at any time without paying an exit fee.

RW: What would be the impact of national mobile roaming regulations on Australians? Have you hurt yourself with international roaming charges? Tell us your story below| his telecommunications company argued that the fees were valid, but proposed to reduce them to $5,000. The telecommunications company provided the TIO with proof that it had sent Alex the necessary warnings and an internet link if he wanted to turn off roaming. Telstra strongly opposed the proposal until 2016 and 2017, accusing Vodafone of being a “freeloader” of infrastructure, and argued that roaming could encourage billions of euros to invest in regional infrastructure. If you are a prepaid Vodafone customer, you also have options to travel abroad. For Pay As You Go, roaming rates are: According to a study by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, Australia has more mobile phones than people – about 31 million subscribers – almost twice as many as in 2004. The market has grown from four mobile operators to three. Telstra – the dominant network manager with market share in regional Australia that ranges from extreme to total dominance – has no roaming agreements with other airlines. It`s a bit like international mobile roaming. If you land in another country, your phone automatically connects you to international mobile phone networks.