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Family Media Agreement

For some families, weekends and holidays give children the opportunity to consume a lot of media and get it out of their system, so that when they return to school, they are ready to disconnect and focus on school. For other families, this type of free weekend and public holiday trip can be crippling and challenging for reintegration into the daily life of the school. It is up to each family and parent to find out what is best for their needs and personalities. Our family limits screen time on weekends and holidays to hours/minutes per day. Anyone can create a media agreement just for your family, and especially if you have kids who use mobile devices, surf the Internet or play on interactive platforms like Minecraft or Club Penguin, you should consider this step. The following contract provides a basic framework, flexibility and adaptation based on your children`s age and the use of Browse the S technology. Set aside a time to fill them together, work them or use them as a starting point for discussion. Every family is different, so every contact will be too. The AAP Family Media Plan is an online tool that allows you to create a personalized plan for each child. Choose from available options such as screenless areas, screenless hours, device locking, media consumption, digital citizenship. You can customize and select different options for each child, as well as enter your own rules in the plan.

Once you`re done, you can print it out. The website also contains a Time Media calculator. This could be useful for watching with your children. Once you get into the time needed for school, sleep, sports and recreation, family time and homework, it is clear that too much screen time would take away from these important activities. (Also available in Spanish) It is an excellent universal convention for children and tweens. There are great memories here, such as not sharing passwords or personal information. B and notifying a parent as soon as they encounter inappropriate information online. What I really like about this section is the parent section – we have responsibilities here too! (Also available in Spanish) Remember that the contract is not a punishment, but a way to set healthy screen time limits for all members of your family, including parents. Viewing screens include smartphones, computers, laptops, TVs and all gaming systems. (To print or download a copy of the contract, click here.) It is one of the most difficult places for parents to manage, and it is the ancestral issue of giving control of what children might be exposed to.

One option is to call the friend`s parents in advance to inform them of the location of the family comfort level. Another way is to say that each family has its own rules and rules, and that if you go to another house, you have to follow the rules of that family, even if those rules do not conform to the rules of your own family.