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Book Like The Four Agreements

For each of these books, they either made me a better person, or I felt, even when I was reading them, that my IQ had improved. Or, in the case of fiction, I felt like I was improving my writing by reading the book. These are the books I return to when I need help, leadership, comfort in my life. 
”The reality is more conscious, changing opinion and fosters gratitude at a time when we never needed it again. I intend to read this book once a year. It reverberates. – Ryan K., Data Analyst, Ask Alexa to read your book with audible integration or listening text. Once upon a time, I was at a dead end — the same negative thoughts every day, the same disorganized mess at home, problems that were never solved. Over the years, there have been three books that have helped me in critical moments. Each book helped me, in its own way, to empty my head, clean my closet and change my life. Make fun of it if you have to, but they can also shake it for you — when you`re ready.

Discover with the integration of Wikipedia more details about the events, people and places of your book. Explore your book, then jump straight to the point where you stopped with Page Flip. Remember that it`s hard to remember more than 1% of a book. In a lively, techno-dependent culture, we may end up feeling exhausted and exhausted without knowing why. Dr. Judith Orloff`s book Positive Energy offers real solutions to protect themselves from energetic vampires (they know who they are) or cure “Technodespair” (The last time you lost access to the Internet, did a fusion of the nucleus disappear? They did.) “This book has helped me through difficult times where it is difficult to find clarification. It put life into perspective and gave me a sense of tranquility. It challenged me in all aspects of life: work, home, friends, family, you call it.

It got me out of my comfort zone by remembering the chords – be immaculate with your word, don`t take anything personal, don`t make assumptions and always do your best. Everyone should read this book and practice their lessons! ” – Keana N., Consumer Products Marketing Manager This book revolves around permission to let go of things, including ideas and people that drain your life of energy and vitality. There`s even a chapter on deleting your double point. In other words, anything you don`t need, don`t like or don`t want? Let me go. They are probably a little skeptical of people who read self-help books. But I see these missives a little differently: because if I don`t help myself, who will? These simple rules have gone directly to the heart of all the important areas of my life. It`s amazing how four simple ideas can change everything. I open it when I fight.