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Apostolic Covering Agreement

Some in the NAR movement present the idea that the apostles literally associate the body with Christ at the head, thus offering a cover for the body, and that without this apostolic bond, the full measure of blessing cannot be achieved by the believer, because life and strength pass through the apostles to the believer. [i] It is not considered mystical or spiritual, but literally, methodically and governmental. Individual apostles are supposed to offer necessary divine and protective spiritual blankets and to impart divine blessings to individuals “under their cover.” [ii] Variations in teaching are abundant. Below, you will find quotation marks that are coated below: cover is orientation. One of my favorite phrases of a father in my life is: “I don`t embrace your vision until I see that you`ve kissed mine.” This is not at all a harsh statement, as it begins in the heart of a father and is an invitation to a son to position himself (reception cover). Once this first step is in place, the sky is the limit and the one that is covered is raw, sent and strengthened in the relationship. We are cautious as an apostolic service on the subject of finance. We know that there is a great deal of confusion and abuse in the body of Christ in this area. We are aware of the abuse that the concept of coverage has played out in the Church. Leaders who are attacking the name and the union.

Recognize that we are practical and personal. Your family, service and mandate are as important to us as they are to you. So, no, no, We do not accept thousands of spiritual children. We are special in the one we accept, because we seek those who, for Christ, are as complete as we are. Let`s say this – the path you took was not a path of chance. The Lord has you in the palm of your hand. You are not forgotten, but indeed, you have been called for a time like this. Through tutoring, spiritual education, training, doctrine and apostolic mediation, our part in the Church is specific – let us discover what God has called you to do. Then we will prepare to do that work. There are many lessons on the concept of coverage. Our center around the relationship on which the Apostle Peter writes here so eloquently.

We firmly believe that the cover is in our unity as a body. It is possible that the apostles will work together and support each other. For those who have sought our coverage and support, our only element remains our relationship. Talk to your leaders and the Church about apostolic supervision. In all these Holy Scriptures, we find nothing that today`s “apostles” emphasize! Nothing about the “apostolic cover.” Right across the street. The apostles (and prophets) had no control or government in the Church, the body of Christ.