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You Must Accept The International Selling Agreement

To sell on eBay worldwide, you must accept PayPal. Cause: Your title or description may contain inappropriate content (words, links, email addresses) that eBay does not allow. Solution: You should check your product title and description to make sure it complies with eBay guidelines. Check out the eBay policy on the site you want to sell to get a guide: But, how to sell exactly abroad on eBay? What are the best practices for international growth? And how can you increase your global sales in the market? Since you don`t need a new user ID to sell on several international eBay websites, global buyers can check your feedback and know you`re an experienced seller. A good balance sheet means that you may not run into the same sales limits as new local sellers. With this option, you can create personalized offers for each site you want to sell on, so you can create offers in local languages to increase the likelihood of international sales. Alternatively, you can write your eBay ad on as usual, offer international portos and enjoy the International Visibility Site upgrade. This means that your items are displayed on eBay sites in some countries when buyers are looking for the items you are selling. Starting in March 2016, you will only be able to use this option if you want to sell your items in the U.S., Canada and Australia, even though eBay has said they will add other countries to this feature in the future! Finally, all international parcels must allow customers to be present in the target company so that they contain customs documents and corresponding forms. Note that because packages can be stopped at any time, your delivery times may also be affected. If you select the SPG when listing your products and these are purchased by an international customer, eBay sends the buyer`s address to shipping to the UK. You will also receive a unique reference code that you must include on your shipping label.

This agreement applies to all your active or “live” eBay offers, including the “Til Cancelled” vouchers and any future offers you find on another eBay site than your eBay site with an international shipping option (z.B.