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What Is A Liaison Agreement

Ideally, a liaison relationship is obtained by selecting a person who is a member of OASIS TC or MS, as well as the working group of the other organization to communicate between the two. If such a dual-affiliated person is not available or is not the right person for this role, the TC or MS may ask one of its members to join the other organization or recruit a member of the other organization to join OASIS and this TC or MS. If the latter, then the future link must become a legitimate person (as defined in the OASIS TC process) by joining OASIS in an appropriate affiliate class to give the person permission to join the TC or MS in accordance with the OASIS affiliate guidelines. The President of the OASIS will decide, on the basis of the above points, whether relations should be linked and how. The Oasis President will submit this decision and the motivation for the decision (including a summary document containing the answers to the above questions) to the Board of Directors for review and advice. If, after consultation with the Board of Directors, the Chair approves the establishment of the liaison and the Board of Directors approves the Protocol, Memorandum of Understanding, Cooperation Agreement, Membership Agreement or any other document that the Chair must sign in order for the relationship to be established, the OASIS President and staff will establish the relationship. Once the relationship is established, a liaison representative with the other organization is chosen as required and described in the next section. An association relationship is defined as OASIS, which is a member of another organization or enters into another association relationship or joint agreement, such as a protocol. B, a letter of commitment, a cooperation agreement, etc. (other organizations wishing to become members of OASIS under the standard OASIS membership guidelines are not covered by this directive). Only the oasis president is authorized to negotiate a liaison relationship with another organization.

The representative is also expected to communicate regularly with THE TCs and/or OASIS member sections that are related to the liaison relationship. The request to establish a link or affiliation with another organization must be submitted to the President and may be made at the request of the external organization, the OASIS Board of Directors, a Technical Committee (TC), the Technical Advisory Committee (TAB) or the staff of OASIS. The request to the President should include: in order for OASIS to have the maximum benefit from a representative for another organization, it should be expected of the representative to report to OASIS so that a liaison representative will lead to a bilateral communication. The participation of the TC or the MS link to the other organization is subject to the affiliation agreements, rules and procedures of that other organization.