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Collective Agreement Ontario Colleges

10 If a collective agreement is implemented, each party immediately provides the Minister of Labour with a copy of the agreement. 2008, about 15, 10. If there is a difference between the employer and the workers` organization in the interpretation, application or management of this agreement, or if there is a complaint of violating that agreement, including whether the case is arbitration, the employer or the workers` organization, after exhausting the appeal procedure brought by that agreement, may communicate in writing to the other that he wishes to submit the difference or reproach to the , and the notification will contain the name of the agent of an arbitration body. The recipient of the notification informs the other, within five days, that he accepts the other`s agent as a sole arbitrator or that he informs the other of the name of his delegate to the arbitration proceeding. If two agents are chosen in this way, they appoint a third person to preside within five days of the appointment of the second of them. If the recipient of the notice does not appoint an arbitrator or if the two delegates do not agree on a chair within the limited time frame, the appointment is made by the Minister of Labour at the request of the employer or the workers` organization. The sole arbitrator or arbitration body, as the case may be, hears and determines the difference or assertion and makes a decision, and the decision is final and binding on the employer and the workers` organization and for any worker concerned. The majority`s decision is the arbitrator`s decision, but if there is no majority, it is the decision of the chair who governs. The arbitrator or arbitration body may not complete, delete, amend or amend the provisions of this agreement by its decision, decision or decision. 54 (1) The Board, the employer and any person acting on behalf of the Board or an employer cannot negotiate or enter into a collective agreement with a person or other workers` organization, as long as a workers` organization is still authorized to represent the members of a bargaining unit. 2008, about 15, 54 (1).

3. If there is a collective agreement and no party, in accordance with this act, indicates its intention to negotiate for the extension of the agreement, the contract is continued and renewed from year to year, each time for a period of one year, until the year in which, in accordance with subsection 2, the wish to negotiate is communicated for the extension of the extension. , with or without a change in the agreement. 2008, about 15, 3 (3). Illegitimate post-strike or lockout claims if no collective agreement represents more than half of KEK`s part-time workers of university students, which means that this agreement ensures that students continue to have access to part-time services during their years of study.