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Are Non Compete Agreements Enforceable In Ct

In Connecticut, the courts have highlighted the factors that make it possible to assess whether a restrictive employment pact at New Haven Tobacco Co. v. Perrelli unduly encroaches on the interests of the public. For a non-competition clause that infringes on the public interest to be reasonable, it must first be established that the employer seeks to protect a statutory interest and that, subsequently, the means it has used to achieve that objective do not deprive the public of unreasonably essential goods and services. For example, an employer has ownership of its clients, which it can protect for a reasonable amount of time. If you are concerned that your company`s current non-compete agreement is too broad, you should contact a business lawyer in Connecticut. You can review your current agreement and make recommendations on how to make it more enforceable. However, if they are tightly adapted, your company`s non-compete agreement may apply. The law recognizes that businesses have the right to protect the fruits of their labour. Some companies spend millions of dollars on research and development. It would be unfair for an employee to pass on all this information to a local competitor. Call today and arrange a meeting with one of our competent business lawyers. You have experience in developing competition agreements that are enforceable and effective.

You`ve spent years starting your own business. Don`t let a faulty employee threaten your hard work. Your business lawyer in Connecticut can develop a non-compete agreement that protects your business. They make sure it is so limited that it is applicable. Most employees will defy their competition bans when they leave your company. As a general rule, their new employee will pay the legal fees. If your company is having trouble having its non-compete obligations, you should call a business lawyer with Aeton Law Partners. You can check your current agreement and see which parts need to be refined.

Before signing a document that affects your job or right to work, including a non-compete agreement, you should first speak to an experienced labour professional to find out what your rights are and what obligations the Contract may impose on you. If you have a non-compete agreement (also known as a non-compete clause) with your employer, it is important that you understand the information that can be used to legally destroy the agreement.